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hasim mardin



He was born in 1911, was interested in sailing from a young age, and studied at the Naval Department of Trade.


He did business in his thirties and became a shipowner at the age of 40. Mardin and Haran dry cargo ships and Raman tanker ranked first among Turkish shipowners.

He became the first Turkish-flagged sailboat to cross the Atlantic in 1952 with his American-made, 25 m length and 42 m mast length, SY Rüyam.

In the following years, it was the first boat to cross the finish line in the Sail Training International Tall Ships race Torbay-Lisbon, but took third place due to handicap calculation.


He was among the founding members of the Istanbul Sailing Club. He passed away at the age of 54. 

Dr. Mithat ATABAY's article titled "His Dream Was to Cross the Atlantic" ​​

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He was born in Fenerbahçe in 1942, and participated in the Tall Ship races with his father in 1956. He graduated from maritime school in 1967. He became a cavalryman in 1978, and served as a captain in various Turkish and foreign shipowner companies until 1985.

After putting an end to the long road, he piloted the Botaş tanker terminal.

Between 1988 and 2007, he worked at Mardin Maritime, a company he founded with his brother, Long-Line Chief Mechanical Engineer Yusuf Mardin, to operate in the field of ship purchase and sales brokerage and spare parts.


He served as the navigation experience captain of 22 ships of STFA shipyard.

Subsequently, he served as a pilot in the Istanbul and Çanakkale straits, and until the age of 65, he piloted the Dekaş pilotage in the Gulf of Izmit and retired.



omer mardin

He was born in Istanbul in 1948, and graduated from YDO Mechanical Department in 1969.


He served at sea as an engine officer and chief engineer on Turkish and foreign flagged ships between 1969 and 1981. He worked as a technical manager in various companies between 1981 and 1988.


He founded the Mardin Maritime company with his brother Ömer Mardin in 1988 and served in the fields of ship spare parts supply, surveyor and ship purchase and sale brokerage for 20 years and retired at the age of 60. He started boating and sailing in 1977 with the encouragement of Captain Kaya Demirsoy, and the master-apprentice relationship lasted for years.


He participated in Sail Training International races as a manager on the boat "STS Bodrum" in 2006, 2010 and 2014. His boating and sailing life continues and he lives in Bodrum.



yusuf mardin

He was born in Istanbul in 1983, and was introduced to yachting on his uncle Yusuf Mardin's boat during his primary school years. He continued this passion by operating in the optimist and cadet classes at the Istanbul Sailing Club.

Engin Mardin, who participated in the Sail Training International Tall ship races with the STS Bodrum Sailing School Ship in 2006 and 2010, also operated in the Pirat class.  His higher education life, which started in 2001 when he entered the Near East University deck department, ended with his graduation from Bilgi University's economics department in 2007. Then, he turned his attention to maritime, following a path parallel to his roots, and worked in ship surveys for three years as an International Register of Shipping-IRS class surveyor assistant, representing the Istanbul Maritime and Expertise office. In 2018, he successfully completed the Practical Yacht and Small Craft Survey course at Ipswich Fox's shipyard.  

Since 2011, it has been providing services in the fields of charter, brokerage and yacht survey under the name Vento Yachting.

Pictured: 2006, Torbay.Torbay Lisbon 50th Anniversary  Ceremony with Prince Philip before the Tall Ship Race. "Prince Philip jokes to Engin Mardin by asking whether you were in the race 50 years ago."



engin mardin


The story of 3 generations growing up with a passion for the sea...

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