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Engin Mardin AssoccIIMS

All our survey services are accredited by the International Institute of Marines Survey.

So, for some reason, you needed an independent professional opinion, pre-purchase yacht survey service or limited inspection; What will the scope, process and pricing be like? If you wish, let's first determine what the survey scope you need for the boat you want to buy or the boat you already own;

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full survey

Full Pre-Purchase Survey

Pre-Purchase Full Survey is the most comprehensive, most pointed survey type you can have. It provides you with insight into everything from rigging control at deck level to the bottom of the keel and underwater surveying.

limited survey

Limited Survey

You may only need a professional opinion on a certain part of the boat you want to buy, for example only the underwater part. Or, getting an osmosis report while your boat is on land may be useful when selling your boat in the future.

first opinion report

First Opinion Report

You may want to get a third opinion to find out the fair value of the boat you want to buy. If you wish, you can get the valuation report within the scope of Full Survey. If you wish, you can get it only as an appraisal report.


1. Pre-interview

2. Pricing

3. Contract

4. Survey Process

5. Report Delivery

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