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  • Engin Mardin

1/9 Survey requirement when purchasing a boat

You want to buy a second-hand boat, the budget you want to allocate is clear, you have opened the marketplaces on the internet and are searching according to the criteria you have determined, a list appears in front of you. In the light of the photos, videos and inventory provided, you approach what you want from general to final results, appointments are made for certain boats, marinas are visited, boats are seen and eventually a boat meets all the criteria you have determined, and you like a boat.

Everything is fine regarding the handover and financial matters.

You leave the boat, and while you should be happy, a lot of questions come to your mind that you can't get rid of;

Are the hull and deck intact? To what extent are the gelcoat cracks I see at the truss deck joint a problem? Looks like there is corrosion on the wires? A teak deck was installed on the boat later. I wonder what the fiber structure underneath is like? Is there any damage or repair to the hull caused by the keel? Is there a hidden defect? When was the last time the underwater valves were changed? Should I add this cost to my account as soon as possible? Is there a problem with the transmission system? Are all the electronics working? Machine? When was the last time the wastewater installation was changed? What about the rigging? Has life raft maintenance been carried out? What will be the pending charge amount? Is it possible to access the list of past works along with their invoices?

Is the boat solid and safe?

I am not expanding the questions in order not to distract from the topic and divert it from its purpose, because the purpose of this article is to cover the basic issues that those who will use this service should know after the need for survey when buying a second-hand or new boat.

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