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  • Engin Mardin

4/9 Surveyor Appointment Process

You would like to have a pre-purchase survey. In the light of the information we have provided above, you can do your own research or contact a surveyor who is close to or serving the area where your boat is located, from the websites of the organizations we have mentioned. He presented the information and documents you had regarding your boat, examined and evaluated it himself, and as a result, he accepted or rejected the boat. Not every surveyor will feel fully competent in every type of boat; someone who specializes in a boat with fiberglass hull material may not want to buy a sheet metal or aluminum boat. Or, it may be wiser to have the service of the relevant machine come for the survey of a small lake boat whose 70% of its value is a machine. Assuming you get the job; A standard process such as pricing, contract, and survey planning will be waiting for you.

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