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2/9 Yacht survey definition and types

Yacht survey, in its broadest form, is the observation-based evaluation and test results in report format about the condition and current state of the hull, deck, machinery and equipment as a result of researching, observing and testing a marine vessel within the framework of a certain methodology.

There are types of surveys with framework and purpose for different needs.

· Full Pre-Purchase Survey (Pre-purchase survey): It is the most comprehensive form of survey, covering the largest scale inspection area. It is a type of survey that the buyer must have before purchasing a second-hand marine vessel.

· Limited Survey: As its name suggests, it is a form of survey carried out for a certain part of the yacht, for example, you have landed your yacht and want to apply gelshield, it is wise to measure the humidity level of the underwater part and have the underwater survey done before this application. You have decided that it will be because you are aware that if there is moisture in the body, it must be removed before application.

· Insurance Survey: Actually,The area that I see most important for the development ofyachting in our country is insurance survey. >

As the name suggests, it is a form of survey that takes into account the compliance of insurance criteria.

Abroad: For example, it is mandatory for British flagged boats to be carried out every five years, the person who carries out the insurance survey is not a salaried employee of the insurance, has a certain accreditation and qualification, is accepted by the insurance company, and is paid by you. The third person is the one who knows. Whatever you ask, it checks the compliance, safety and durability of the relevant flags with the standards to which they are subject.

For example, if the standard regarding the positioning of bottled gas has changed in the last five years for the sake of safety, it checks whether the boat owner has implemented it or not, and in short, it is insured or not depending on whether the relevant modifications have been made or not. It creates a motivation to become fit.

This is a routine compulsory insurance survey, it is set to a standard as a result of accumulated experience, and this issue is monitored by the insurance mechanism before any accidents or losses occur.

In our country: There is no obligation for a routine insurance survey, that is, when a second-hand boat is sold, the boat can be insured quickly by the new owner when you send the bill of sale and a new credit card number.

When an accident or loss occurs on the boat and compensation is requested by the insured, the insurance surveyor comes and performs his work, determines the source of the defect and compensation is made or not made accordingly.

As I mentioned above, this issue is the issue that I care about the most because it is of great importance for the yacht market to enter a more serious cycle and to take action before the incident, not after the incident, in order to prevent accidents such as fire in cruising type boats. If your insurance is not renewed because your Life Raft maintenance has expired, you will fulfill this condition and the safety of you and your loved ones will increase.

· Damage Survey: As we mentioned above, the survey carried out for the purpose of detecting damage or at the end of an accident.

There are also different types of surveys specific to marine vessels subject to different standards in the world, to give an example; MCA (Maritime Coast Guard Agency, British state-based standard-setting organization) coding, class survey, tonnage survey, but in order not to get distracted, we will discuss the subject in our country in this article. We keep non-commercial cruising type yachts up to 24 m within the scope of interest.

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