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  • Engin Mardin

5/9- Difference and osmosis between fiberglass and other yacht building materials

As you know, the basic production material of mass production boats up to 24 m, which is the center of our topic, is mostly fiberglass today. The issue that worries buyers the most about fiberglass is osmosis. Osmosis is a chemical process that seems simple but can also confuse us. If we ask what is the difference between a boat made of fiberglass and a boat built of wood or sheet metal, maybe our approach to the subject will change. The quality of a laminated fiber begins to develop as it is constructed, where the process begins; It depends on its cleanliness, whether it contains dust or not, the ratio of resin and hardener, the method and technique of application, the technology used, the ambient temperature and even the dexterity or mode of the laminator on that day. However, the quality of the wood or sheet metal you purchase is clear from the beginning. What I will say is that if there is a problem with the quality of the fiber lamination of the boat, this may have started from the very beginning of production or it may have occurred over the years when moisture penetrated into the fiber layers. As a result, even if it remains behind certain barriers, the fiber has a tendency to absorb water, which can turn into osmosis over time and ultimately lead to delamination, that is, structural weakness.

It is possible to obtain structures of different qualities with the same materials.

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